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    Quality Assurance Awards and Milestones

    Awards and Milestones

    • 2016 
      - Q-Mark Elite Brand Award from The Federation of Hong Kong Industries
    • 2015 
      - New GMP plant completed in Hong Kong
    • 2013 
      - Taiwan plant continues to receive Halal certification
      - Listed in Brand Asia’s top ten most influential brands

    • 2011 
      - First place on Yahoo Kimo’s Annual Emotional Brands for the Healthcare Category

    • 2010 
      - First place on Yahoo Kimo’s Annual Emotional Brands for the Healthcare Category
    • 2008 
      - Most Recommended Brand by Pharmacists in China
    • 2007 
      ISO 22000 Certificate
      - Taiwan GMP plant in Linkou granted the ISO 22000 Certificate
    • 2006 
      - Ranked in the top ten best-selling brands in China’s traditional Chinese medicine market and is the first Hong Kong Chinese proprietary medicine brand acknowledged as a “China Famous Trademark”
    • 2002 
      - Selected as one of the Top Ten Brands in Hong Kong by The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
    • 1999 
      - “Hong Kong Brand” award from Hong Kong Superbrands
    • 1992 
      - Approved by the Australian Drug Administration as a drug import; the Hong Kong plant also obtained GMP certification
    • 1991 
      - Awarded the Certificate of Quality (Q-Mark) from the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council
    • 1980 年代初期
      - Nin Jiom successfully expands to the United States, Canada and Europe
    • 1970 年代後期
      - Nin Jiom successfully expands to Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam
    • 1961 
      - King To Nin Jiom Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Ltd is established

    • 1946 
      - King To Nin Jiom Hong Kong is formally established